Optechnology's Solid Mechanics Division

About the Division

Our solid mechanics division specializes in experimental stress analysis and applied optics with a concentration in optical metrology including remote sensing through fiber optic systems, holographic interferometry, high frequency moire, speckle metrology, digital image processing of optically generated fringe patterns, and numerical correlation of speckle data.

During the past thirty-five years we helped introduce new concepts in holographic/fiber optic recording, real-time moire interferometry, ultra-low frequency holography, shadow speckle metrology, radial metrology, photoelastic fiber-optic sensing, diffractive optic interferometry, and strategically tuned absolutely resilient structures. 

We have acted as consultants to a number of different companies and have received numerous awards for our accomplishments from organizations such as the American Society for Nondestructive Testing, NASA, and the AIAA for pioneering work in the areas of non-destructive evaluation, radial metrology, fluid flow visualization, and panoramic imaging in space.

So, if your application involves experimental mechanics or applied optics, please feel free to contact us for technical advice and/or a quote on our products and services.

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