Optechnology's Cementitious Composites Division

About the Division

Our cementitious composites division specializes in the design, development, and production of strategically tuned, absolutely resilient structures (STARS).  These remarkable creations are composite structures that are fabricated by placing a low modulus, lightweight concrete over multiple layers of a relatively stiff reinforcement.  

Although STARS can be used for standard construction, they are specifically designed so that they can be highly stressed and deformed to store large amounts of elastic strain energy.  When the structural response is modified as the service loads are decreased, the energy is released in a controlled fashion to do useful work.

STARS are designed based on the strength, stiffness, and the position of the component materials in the composite section.  Their ability to store and release energy depends upon a complex interaction between the shape, modal response, and the forcing function initiated to the structure.

Our most advanced systems function as smart structures that include sensing elements to monitor structural integrity and control elements to adjust the dynamic response.

Advantages and Advanced Applications

Preliminary research shows that cementitious STARS offer structural engineers more design flexibility than traditional advanced aerospace composites fabricated from materials such as graphite or Kevlar epoxy.  In the future, we propose to develop this technology by building mechanical energy storage devices that can be incorporated into advanced propulsion and tactical weapons systems.  Since our materials are inert and less sensitive to corrosion, nuclear bombardment, and electromagnetic radiation than their traditional counterparts, they should function better in the hostile environments found in space and on the battlefield.

So, if your interested in reaching for a STARS, please feel free to contact us for technical assistance and/or a quote on our products and services.

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